Happy Birthday, April!

Six years old today!! Cute statement from April: “I am six! I am not little anymore, even though I am the littlest girl.”


favorite color: “blue and green and pink”
wants to play: “violin and piano”
favorite candy: “lollipops with gum inside”
wants to go to a (Republican) “debate”
wants to meet “Ted Cruz”
wants “6” children
wants to marry “Whoever God wants me to marry”
wants “a horse named Betty”
wants to wear “orange socks”
her “boy“will take care of her yard
her “husband” will cut down the trees
“Jacob” will mow the lawn
wants to live in a “brick house”
she will have a “green” mailbox
she will go to “Our church and Grandpa and Grandma’s church”

In Christ,
Abbie Camuso