The Rest of December

Well, this is the last time I’ll be posting till next year! ✨✍πŸ’₯

This is definitely one of the best things about December!! A fridge covered with friends and family!
Snowman & snowlady making at church for a lady’s fellowship was really fun and they turned out really cute! πŸ™‚
Alex the mischievous admirer. =)
The others liked them so much that we had our own special snowman/lady making day with kind Mrs. Mann.
April and Mrs. Mann.
All eleven of us!!πŸ˜‚
Techy tyke.
Alyssa and the little kids have been going through the Moody books.
Little kitchen helpers.
Alyssa and one of her 11 piano students, Madison Grace. πŸ™‚
Doing this on leftover pieces of siding makes you fly down that hill likeΒ  nobody’s business!
Time for Christmas shopping!
Justy and Prilly with Teddy and Lisa.
The boys did a great job stacking most of this wood!
Me & the two energy balls up the street.πŸ˜…βš‘
April’s 8th b-day.
More sledding.
Going for a police fly!
Winter rides & errands.
Andrew in the studio.
Alex’s new thing is ties. He’s sure to be wearing one, even though they rarely match his outfit.

A resourceful hair clip.
Joseph had a fun time going to work with dad one day last week.
Grampa Camuso joined us for yesterday’s afternoon!
There were many excited conversations about our Italian ancestors, music, food, politics, words, accents, and tons more! Grampa is sure to have an answer for ANY question!
Grampa brought along his guitar, which was so wonderful!!!
We had a great time singing around the guitar.
And later, we joined Grampa’s guitar with piano & violin.
“Oh Sacred Head Now Wounded” was the song of the night!
And today we are celebrating the last day of 2017 with homemade Chinese food! Dad stirring the lo mein.
Crab Rangoon.

Until next year!