10 Reasons Why I Don’t Wear Pants

Today I’m sharing 10 reasons why I personally don’t wear pants. (And yes, that 🔝 is 10 year old me in Costa Rica!) Perhaps you will make these your own reasons why you won’t wear pants! (This is a super great book on the topic.) As always, comments are welcomed below. Keep in mind, I am your friend! Ready? 🙂

  1. Even if I wanted to, my parents wouldn’t allow it anyway. Lol
  2. I personally don’t care for anyone except my future husband to see that much of me.
  3. I don’t believe pants fall into the “modest apparel” category from the Bible. They certainly aren’t “flowing” even if they’re “long.”
  4. Many men admit to struggling with lust a lot more when they see a woman in pants outlining certain curves that provoke impure thoughts, than a woman in a nice, loose, long skirt/dress. (If you don’t, wonderful! If you do, you’re normal!) Personally, I’d rather not help a man sin by dressing suggestively. As one guy put it, “If you’re not in business, don’t advertise!”
  5. I like to be feminine!! I have no desire to be masculine! Pants encourage a masculine gait, attitude, and appearance which promotes a blurring of men & women’s roles.
  6. I want it to be clear that I am a girl! I never want someone in the distance to wonder what gender I am and then look at the wrong places to “distinguish.” That is what Satan wants. That is not what God wants.
  7. I  don’t want to possibly be an abomination to God because I am wearing “that which pertaineth to a man.”  There’s lots of debate whether or not pants are men’s apparel, but the truth is they have OBVIOUSLY been a prominent part of men’s wardrobes just as dresses are an OBVIOUS part of a woman’s. Besides they were first featured on rebellious women who wanted to be like men. I don’t want to encourage that mindset!
  8. I’d rather be safe than sorry! Even if pants were fine, what would I have to lose wearing skirts??? I think they help identify me as a Christian woman if nothing else.
  9. I would NOT appreciate it if the average man walked around in skin tight pants underlining his nakedness, so why would I force men to see that on me? I quote my pastor, “Wisdom never offers a defiling thought.”
  10. I think that so much showing of your body, should only ever be a gift for one person — your spouse. 🎁

Blessings to ya!

A New York Blast!

We were quite privileged to leave for Rochester, NY on Saturday afternoon. It was sooo exciting to be able to go to Old Paths Bible Baptist Church again!! Of course we have watched many of their services and events on livestream since our first visit in July. A friend from VT unexpectedly surprised us and we surprised him, when we both happened to walk in at a church faraway from our respective homes!! The only sad thing was that Pastor Cammilleri and Pastor Barkowski were both out of town, but that was just a minor disappointment. 🙂 And of course, last but assuredly not least, we visited our good old brother Stan!!! 🙂

At the hotel.
We three girls.
The drive to OPBBC wasn’t long. 😀
Pastor Folk and Dad.
Family School (Yes, FAMILY school!! Everyone stays together for the services!👍✔) was awesome. All the little children gathered around the altar — so neat.
The morning service was exceptional. Pastor preached about how the Bible is ALIVE and how we should be active users! 😉

Had a great time fellowshipping after church. Then, after a quick stop at Wegmans, we headed to Stan’s!

We got to meet two more of Stan’s brothers as well as his very nice mother!!
April and Kees 🙂
Having fun with Stan’s little bro Matthew!
We were served a lovely afternoon snack including delicious homemade jam, fabulous homemade juice, and famous homemade mint tea by our wonderful Russian hosts! ❤❤
The cat added a lot of cute fun!
Mrs. Krupenya was such a sweet lady! We very much enjoyed our “Russian” afternoon.
It was great fun being with Stan again. 🙂
Dad & Dimitri, Stan’s older brother.
Almost everyone! 😉


Granny’s Birthday Party

Last Saturday our family pulled off a surprise 70th birthday party for Granny at Nana’s house! Our van became a traveling party with all the necessities to cater!!

These friends from church dropped off the beautiful cake and cookies Emma made for the party!
Alyssa arranged the meat platter with no Pinterest help! 😉
There’s some posing going on!
Granny and her kids — Dad & Aunt Greta.
Cousin Allan cutting Granny’s cake.
Always fun to watch a real train pass outside Nana’s window!
On the fridge. Haha!
Opening cards.

Well, we’re expecting dad home from his two team’s (from work) F1 races in Boston, and this’ll be it for now.

So long!

Winter Whiles

A recent ice storm left everything outside in an icey glaze! So pretty.
The boys and Dad stacking wood with Ted Cruz a couple years ago. Just kidding!! That was Andrew’s photo editing work!
Alex has mastered the treadmill!!
Dates — parents must have dates!
Our guys went to a men’s breakfast (and spaghetti/marshmallow competition?!) at friends’ church.
Typical after-carpentry-class moment. 😀
Doing one of my very favorite doings!!
The outcome!!
Of course you noticed, but that IS a thick block of ice!!
The 2 *youngest* girls!
This is from the middle of a most hilarious (to us) commercial we put together. Comment if you’d like to see it.
Insuring quality footage, as Joseph would probably phrase it!
A typical Wednesday home with just these three.
The State of the Union Address was exceptional! We watched it twice.
Night time cuddles.
Last, but certainly not least, Happy 11th Birthday to Joshua!! *Do all Camuso birthdays seem to have this same lighting??  



Yes, my past two titles have been kind of generic haha!
But real quick, we found out more details about last week’s HB 1263!
HSLDA attorney, Mike Donnelly, reported, “…over 700 moms, dads and homeschooling students crowded into the 399 seats of Representative’s Hall with the upstairs balcony’s 200 seats brimming over, last week’s hearing on House Bill 1263 was historic! House staff turned many people away as lines wound outside the hall and around the stairs.” Hurray!!
Back to today. This time Mom & we kids went to Concord to support a positive legislation that would be helpful to both homeschoolers and others in NH.

A few pictures…

The hearing begun… this is the nice man who made the bill.
Mom was amazing to bring us as it meant switching quite a few different plans around. 🙂
Mr. Donnelly and some of us. *Somehow* the folks mixed us up as his family lol!
Joseph, Andrew, and me outside the Legislative Office Building.

We didn’t get to stay for the whole thing, but we’re happy for the time we were able to be there!

Until next time,


Yesterday, eight of us were able to go to the Representatives Hall for the HB 1263 hearing!! There were hundreds of other people gathered in opposition to this burdensome regulation for homeschoolers. Some of us older ones have missed the crowds from those campaigning days!

Joseph & me.
Before it began…
For the 3 hours we were there, many testified against the bill and only two for it!👏👏👏
Lot’s of NH folks.
It was really neat seeing & meeting Mr. Donnelly, the attorney from HSLDA in real life!
Dad testifying…
Allessaundra & me. It was fun seeing a bunch of different friends!
I wanted to always remember my chair number in the 99 year old building. 🙂
Two little boys gave some cute speeches!
With Mr. Donnelly.