Life Lately

Well, the biggest accomplishments of late was doing an Algebra PACE & Test in four days!!πŸ‘πŸ˜œ
January is almost over, not that you needed the reminder, but that I like being reminded!πŸ˜€

The boys love “skating” and falling on the icey back yard!
Dad making fishballs for supper.
Mom sends us outside for walks so that, as she terms it, we don’t become couch potatoes!
Mom and her two guardsmen!
Big bro & little bro =)
Unfortunately this mitt I made turned out extraordinary large, so I didn’t bother to make the other. It fits my brother, but of course he won’t be wearing it around!
Little John Deere chap!
April & Alex.
Today, one year ago I drove on the road for the first time, and so far I haven’t lost the thrill!!!
Andrew trying to wrestle Joseph off the couch.
Quinn & me.
This meant lot’s of wood stacking!
A snowstorm knocked down one of our apple trees.
Hair-dos in between piano lessons!
Joseph made chocolate chip cookies.
Oops! The music in the van got a little too loud for Alex, especially when he was still enjoying one of Joseph’s cookies!
Labeling all the bulletins with the couple of the week!
87 cent coffees!
Joseph and Alyssa working on a cool duet.
I had fun crocheting this slouch hat!
Joseph giving the little kids piggy back rides.
Everything stopped for the girls when Above Rubies came!
Dad took us out to eat to celebrate his promotion at work!
Guess what was in dad’s Chinese cookie?!
Watching Agenda.πŸ‘
Alex the book worm!