Yesterday, eight of us were able to go to the Representatives Hall for the HB 1263 hearing!! There were hundreds of other people gathered in opposition to this burdensome regulation for homeschoolers. Some of us older ones have missed the crowds from those campaigning days!

Joseph & me.
Before it began…
For the 3 hours we were there, many testified against the bill and only two for it!👏👏👏
Lot’s of NH folks.
It was really neat seeing & meeting Mr. Donnelly, the attorney from HSLDA in real life!
Dad testifying…
Allessaundra & me. It was fun seeing a bunch of different friends!
I wanted to always remember my chair number in the 99 year old building. 🙂
Two little boys gave some cute speeches!
With Mr. Donnelly.


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  1. I love that you recorded your chair number <3! Haha! What a neat experience. Also, that spelling -Allessaundra- I had never seen that before, but I love the uniqueness!

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