Yes, my past two titles have been kind of generic haha!
But real quick, we found out more details about last week’s HB 1263!
HSLDA attorney, Mike Donnelly, reported, “…over 700 moms, dads and homeschooling students crowded into the 399 seats of Representative’s Hall with the upstairs balcony’s 200 seats brimming over, last week’s hearing on House Bill 1263 was historic! House staff turned many people away as lines wound outside the hall and around the stairs.” Hurray!!
Back to today. This time Mom & we kids went to Concord to support a positive legislation that would be helpful to both homeschoolers and others in NH.

A few pictures…

The hearing begun… this is the nice man who made the bill.
Mom was amazing to bring us as it meant switching quite a few different plans around. πŸ™‚
Mr. Donnelly and some of us. *Somehow* the folks mixed us up as his family lol!
Joseph, Andrew, and me outside the Legislative Office Building.

We didn’t get to stay for the whole thing, but we’re happy for the time we were able to be there!

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4 thoughts on “Today!

  1. It was sooo funny!! We all stood up to leave right after Mr. Donnelly finished testifying, so we were all saying bye to him and the committee was like “Wait, is this your family you brought all the way from West Virginia??!” He told them we were a great homeschool family… etc but not his. And then Joseph heard some of the folks saying, “Wait, I’m so confused, are they his family or not??” Lol!!

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